It’s a shame we have to work in such tough cities.. It’s one thing that we spend so much time in the Big Apple, but then we have to turn around and go meet the best retailers in the world in a quaint town called Las Vegas.. Ok- I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but goodness- this is fun!

We accomplished a ton this trip. The video above tells it all, but if you’re still wondering what was going on- We participated in Liberty Fairs, an exhibit of the freshest and finest brands out there.. From John Varvatos to Moleskine, they’re all there to broaden their market. Vera Largo did great. We met buyer after buyer and received tons of feedback on our fall ’14 line. Now it’s all about the follow up.

Pictured: Monday night we had a promotional party at Tao and were surprised with this.



Now that we’re back- it’s time to hit the ground running. We arrived back to our offices with a freshly finished warehouse. There have been several moments that we’ve all stepped back and said “Wow, this is real.” and setting up our first space we will be shipping from was definitely one of those moments. Spring arrives early next week, over 90 boxes of clothing and we’ll be turning them around as quickly as possible. If you live in Beaumont, stop by and see us and check out whats going on!


Beau Hansen

“It’s a new day, It’s a new life for me… And i’m feelin’ good.”

Birds flying high, what a great song! And temperature wise- it may be in the 40’s to low 50’s outside today but the sun is out and we are halfway through the week. Yeah, Nina Simone, we know how you feel.

We sincerely hope in all the cold weather you have managed to stay well. And if you are well, then we hope the Super Bowl didn’t kill your buzz too much. It worked out pretty good for our friends Xavier Alvarez and Dustin Wilkins- the winners of our “Guess the Score” challenge. Dustin if you read this, we still have a $50 check waiting for you, Xavier collected yesterday!

Beyond that, we’re gearing up for Vegas, Spring 2014’s arrival, Fall 2014’s samples, and Spring 2015. We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring the photo booth at the trade show we will be attending in Vegas.. We’d like to hear from you though- what makes a photo booth fun is the props you can bring in, so what are some ideas that YOU have that fit with Vera Largo. Please comment in the comment section of this blog post on Facebook! We cant wait to hear your idea. 


Pictured: Fiesta de’ Carlos- Beau, Brenna, Heather & Cole
celebrating Hunter & Cole’s dad’s birthday last year.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 8.49.17 AM

-Beau Hansen
& The Vera Largo Team.

Get to know Beau, our Director Of Online Marketing. Yes, the guy who makes these posts and is having to pretend like he’s not. He admits to being a little odd, so stay tuned on Tuesdays for a view into his mind.  Feel free to ask him some questions…



With a passion for creativity and writing, Beau Hansen suits us well as our Director of Online Marketing. He also has a heavy influence on our design, constantly raising the bar for not only useful tricks within our line, but making them fun. Beau is constantly looking for an adventure or way to promote the brand. Ideally for him, It would be on an island, with a Vera Largo Theme Park, that served free drinks, and hosted a music festival nightly. Matter of fact, lets make that happen.


We hope you are enjoying your Saturday! More perfect weather to help get you off the couch.

Today we want to introduce you to another founder of Vera Largo that most of you know pretty well. Please meet Cole Wilson.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 11.35.32 AM

Cole is the constant denominator in our crazy equation. Four heads are better than one but often times we’re looking different directions. Cole knows how to juggle a working relationship with a friendship better than any of us and constantly keeps us in line. In addition, you’ll never meet a better story teller. In a generation of people buried in their phones, its refreshing to have someone who can tell a hilarious story without having to post it to Facebook. Spend five minutes with the guy and you’ll be ROFL. I mean, rolling on the floor laughing… sorry..


Fun Fact: One of Cole’s favorite things to do is throw knives. Seriously…






As far as Beaumont, Texas goes, It’s a beautiful day. And according to the map, it looks like the rest of the country is in the same boat as us. Which leads me to one question- What in the world are you going to do with your weekend?!

It doesn’t take a deep pocket to pull off an incredible weekend or even an unforgettable night! If you’re near a beach or a lake or anywhere you can pitch a tent, this is the time to do it. The clear sky, full moon, and cold weather make a perfect recipe for being outdoors. Build a bonfire for you and your friends and leave the cell phones in the house.

Or start early! Come on, you know you have been waiting to use that excuse you’ve been practicing! Take off at lunch and meet your friends on a patio for a drink! We’re not trying to be the bad influence or anything but its kind of perfect outside… And thats a reason to celebrate.

Happy Friday, friends!



First things first- Yesterday’s Polls.

The animal shelter ambition- 4 of you got right. It is Chace, not Beau or Hunter. Cole was barely considered.

Secondly- Hunter did work at Kroger for a month. …As, apparently, you all know…

Moving right along to Mr. Chace Rodgers. Chace is the originator of Vera Largo. One thing he learned in college was having a good idea can be just as valuable as a degree. He loved the beach, he wanted his own business, and he wanted to retire by 30. So he put together this team, friends of his that all brought something different to the table, and created a brand that encapsulated that exact dream. Vera Largo is more than incredibly soft clothing; it’s loving what you do and doing it well. Without Chace, we’d still be working for…. honestly, what were we working for before this?

Chace with our good friend Lisa Bonvillion

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.28.24 AM

Follow Chace on Twitter: @Chacerodgers

Chace goes to the golf course for his mini vacation. What’s yours?

The following is an interview of Hunter Wilson, Vera Largo CEO by Beau Hansen :

Hunter Wilson is Mr. CEO. With a history of management skills since he was legally allowed to work, hunter has always been the guy to get a job done. I’m not talking sweat labor- no. Hunters the guy who takes on a job, hires 3 people to do it in half the time, turns a profit & then buys everyone a cocktail. A ton of our success is credited to him. Making and growing some of the most valuable relationships in this industry, he’s lead us to where we are as a company and celebrated with us as a friend.

Beau: Hey Hunter, pay attention real quick, I’m going to interview you for the blog! (He’s sitting across the desk from me..)

Hunter: *Working on 19 other things* K.

Beau: What was your first job?

Hunter: I bagged groceries at Kroger.

Beau: Goodness. That sounds like a blast. Were you any good?

Hunter: It was terrible…& I guess… It’s not that difficult.

Beau: I ‘d agree with you. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Hunter: Ummm. Between 40-50.

Beau: Wow. Do you wear them all?

Hunter: I have at some time or another.

Beau: Right.. Any Air Jordans?

Hunter: No.

Beau: Makes sense.  How often do you get your hair cut?

Hunter: Are you really writing all this?

Beau: Yes. How often you get your hair cut?

Hunter: Every three weeks.

Beau: So you have a standing appointment every three weeks? Like they’re expecting you?

Hunter: …Yes.

Beau: Impressive. Last question. If you could go one place in the world, where would you go and why?

Hunter: I don’t care. Somewhere with a beach. I literally want to visit every beach in the world so the order doesn’t matter.

Follow Hunter on Twitter & Instagram: @HunterWilson89


Vera Largo is excited to announce our new Blog and social media interview series.  Every week we are going to share some personal insight into who we are as young entrepreneurs.  As you know, we (Beau, Hunter, Chase and Cole) founded Vera Largo based simply on our dream to build our own company and love what we do….yeah, the American dream.   We are creating a company that is accessible, fun, real and most importantly connected to you, our customers.

We think it is important for you to get to know us, which is why we are going to take you inside the building of our brand and ultimately give you the opportunity to also share your lives and dreams with us.

Follow us on Facebook for daily posts about our lives and our business…no secrets, all will be revealed.


Through snowing and bitter cold, we had one of the busiest weeks we’ve had thus far. It’s beginning to be hard to leave; when we are there, the entire operation is running full steam ahead. Meeting after meeting we got the ball rolling faster and faster just in time for us to turn around and come home.

I’ll start by introducing some new members to our team- Jamee King joined the family as a department store representative. She has a great relationship with the bigger stores and with her help, our fall line will have better odds finding a home in one. We met with a PR firm that can get us the exposure necessary for this business. And lastly, we met someone who helps with social media direction. Yes, there is a strategy to this stuff.

We were able to see nearly all of the fall collection and each piece we see gets better and better. The line is growing, with two collections, it’s no longer a couple of polo’s & a couple of linens. It’s starting to grow into something for every occasion. Through that, we are starting to pull together the core pieces of the brand. The pieces that are constants in our line, and that is cool to see, as it nails down what our exact image is.

Lastly, our marketing team is doing great things. Vegas will be here before we know it and the preparation is getting exciting. Oh! And our first giveaway starts next week just in time for Christmas so be watching for that. Again, these are the first Vera Largo items up for grabs.





When we set out to design coastal clothes I’m almost certain our goal was to be able to be near a beach. But instead, we find ourself heading back to the Fashion Capital conveniently located under a fresh blanket of snow.

But enough complaining already, this week is going to be great. Lots of exciting things coming up including giveaways, huge P.R. opportunities, more fall product coming in and lastly, store design presentations. I will be giving updates at the end of the week but until then, try to enjoy yourselves. Christmas is right around the corner and that is our favorite holiday. …Right behind July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day & Cinco De Mayo. But never the less, a colder, good time.

Cheers with Hot Cocoa!


Pictured: Myself taking picture, Hunter viewing Twitter & a lady named Linda.



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